"Richard Ward's label Overhead Wires Music was a regular fixture on The Brunswick calendar... and for good reason. Whether it was the monthly flagship night Under Great Southern Lights, the hugely successful weekly Secret Level or supporting young local bands at Rising Stars, Richard's events were always well-organised, well-received and (most importantly!) well-attended. From the venue's point-of-view, Richard is a pleasure to deal with. He's honest, prompt and has built a reputation as one of the best and most loved promoters in Brighton."


- Andy Hillion, Venue Manager at The Brunswick

"Overhead Wires gave us our first gig in Brighton and we had been working with them ever since. They are dedicated to keeping music live and contributing to the great music scene in the local area. If you were looking for well organised and exciting opportunities then you'd look no further".


- Dove House, Musicians

"Rich hosted many live music nights at our pub through Overhead Wires. He was incredibly hard working, organised and enthusiastic. A pleasure to work with".


- Laura Karim, Venue Owner at The Mucky Duck

"Overhead Wires provide a warm friendly supported environment for live music of all genres. They continue to develop solid friendly relationships with an array of quality original artists, great venues, radio DJ's and an in house photographer. A reliable go to for great live music events.


- Antonia Redding, Musician

"Overhead Wires have been a staple of the Brighton band scene for a while now and we were lucky enough to be picked up by them a few years back. Overhead Wires' gigs have provided a massive step up for us as a band and the atmosphere at the gigs is constantly buzzy and exciting. Without them I doubt we would've done what we've done so far and has provided a platform for what hope to do in the future".


- Optical, Musicians

"One of the coolest and most professional promoters I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Genuinely care about the music they put on, and that enthusiasm shows."


- Adam Scott Glasspool, Musician

"I love playing at the nights that Richard from Overhead Wires puts on! They are always well organised, well promoted with good sound. What else could an artist wish for!"


- Tim Boat, Musician

"Big shout out to Richard Ward at Overhead Wires Music. Got a great paycheck from half of last year's gigs that I did. He sorted it all out for me and it came at such a perfect time. Cheers Richard!"


- Deirdre Faegre, Musician

"Overhead Wires provide a super efficient royalty service which is really easy and straight forward to use; and incredibly handy for artists who who can find it time consuming to keep on time of everything. I highly recommend it!"


- Lewis McKale, Musician

"Richard is a sound guy, who doubles up as a sound guy! His nights were always banging and although he's rock'n'roll, he still has his insurance!"


- Nolan Howard, Venue Manager at The Islingword

"We've had so many brilliant OW gigs! You were one of the first to support us and we'll always remember that!"


- grasshopper, Musicians

"Working with Overhead Wires has been effortless and rewarding. Thanks to them I am finally earning some money for doing what I love. All I do is regularly inform them what I've been up to, and they do the rest. You get a full breakdown of payments so you can see where the money is and how you can improve. Would 100% recommend the royalty collection service to anyone! "


- Nathan Poulson, Musician

"As a DIY musician I struggle a lot with keeping on top of everything, it's a huge relief knowing that Overhead Wires had my back in regards to royalties. A problem shared is a problem 'alved!"


- Chuck SJ Hay, Musician

"Thanks for all the work you've done for live music in Brighton over the years! I think it's fair to say no-one else does anywhere near as much for the local unsigned scene as you do"


- James Bandenburg, Musician

"Richard from Overhead Wires is a top quality promoter, genuinely nice guy and a proper music supporter. You couldn't find someone better if you tried"


- Michael Roche, Musician

"Great royalty collections system, easy to talk to and quick return on the money"


- Jack Evans, Musician

"We've been performing our original songs for 2 years now and were completely oblivious to PRS royalties until they offered us their service at a gig they'd put on for us, so it was a very pleasant surprise. Thanks Overhead Wires!"


- Greenness, Musicians